We like to bring ideas to life.  We offer our clients our ideas, strategies, experience, relationships, expertise and passion. We always work to ensure your brand guidelines are met and even help create new ones if needed.

How we Brand

It’s important that your logo, your company colours, your strapline and your message are consistent and easily recognisable across all your marketing communications.  Getting your branding right is an integral part of what we do at TBMC. So we invest heavily in the latest technology to ensure that your branding is truly represented on all your merchandise and clothing. And we make sure that we use the best form of application that’s most suited to the promotional items you’ve ordered.

In terms of branding, we can offer the following services:


Pad printing is an indirect offset printing process that involves ink being transferred from an engraved metal plate via a silicone pad onto the product creating the image.

The benefits of pad printing are:

  • Great all-round cost-effective solution
  • Can be applied on virtually any shape
  • Suitable for any surface texture, including soft products like stress balls
  • Perfect for multi coloured logos
  • Fast and economical
  • Suitable for all types of shapes, e.g. flat, round, convex, concave
  • Applicable for plastic, glass, ceramic, paper, wood, metal materials
  • Maximum of 4 colours

Digital Printing

  • Is Perfect for multicoloured logos

We use a state-of-the-art process which allows us to apply your logo to products with a greater consistency than traditional printing provides. It gives a greatly enhanced “photo-like” detail and a softer feel to the finished item.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is a fabulous way to customise anything with a flat surface especially promotional clothing for your company. We use fully automated machines which allow for fine-tuning to create a perfect replica of your artwork, and produces colours that are vibrant and crisp with a long-lasting quality finish.  The screens are much like stencils, and the logo or design is applied to the item using one colour at a time, with printing available up to 10 spot colours. With screen printing, virtually no minimum quantity is required so we can offer an extremely fast turn-around for your branded promotional merchandise.


We use the most up-to-date computerised embroidery software available to create accurate replications of your logo or designs. It gives your promotional corporate clothing a sensational professional finish. We’ll make a master of your logo and email it to you for your approval.


We can produce high quality transfers with ease and speed. This makes transfers perfect for low volume runs and perfect for logos with many colours. Customers can choose from a huge range of colours and finishes, including reflective, fluorescent, glitter, foil and metallic for stunning effects that will get your brand noticed.

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving is achieved through using a laser beam to precisely etch decoration into a surface.

  • Create a high-class impression
  • Unique tone on tone
  • Superb result for metal, glass and wood
  • Long lasting


Debossing creates an indented image by applying a die to a heat-pressed area.

  • Create a unique 3D look
  • Subtle tone on tone look
  • Adds perceived value
  • Great for real and imitation leather product

Shapes: Flat

Materials: Genuine and artificial leather, paper

Products: portfolios. wallets, notebooks


Doming is used to create a 3D version of your image by shaping a raised surface beneath the print. A mould is formed, printed and filled with epoxy which is then hardened to maintain its shape.

  • Create a 3D effect
  • Strong resistance to fading or damage
  • Can only be applied to flat surfaces
  • Suitable for flat surfaces, which are designed with a depressed area for the domed sticker
  • Applicable for plastic, paper, wood and metal materials.
  • CMYK colours